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Record crop for Australian almonds

With a record crop this year and a doubling in volumes forecast by 2015, almonds are Australia’s fastest growing horticulture sector

Record crop for Australian almonds

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The crop, which began being harvested in the last few weeks, is expected to be 18.3 per cent higher than last year’s, largely as a result of new orchards reaching production age, reported the Weekly Times.

The wet weather did, however, contribute to poor flowering in the nonpareil almond variety, said Almond Board of Australia CEO Ross Skinner.

Rain and humidity had also pushed up incidences of fungal disease on foliage, although what impact that would have on nut quality was not clear as yet.

Two thirds of the crop is due to be exported, finding its way to consumers in around 40 countries.

“With overseas sales expected to top A$100m for the first time this coming marketing year, almonds are now one of the most valuable horticultural products exported,” stated Mr Skinner.

Australia’s almond production is forecast to grow to 84,000 tonnes by 2015, he said, setting the industry as the fastest-growing horticulture segment in Australia.

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