Dominican bananas unaffected by storm

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Dominican bananas unaffected by storm

The weather system that hit the Dominican Republic on Sunday (17 August) has had "no meaningful impact" on banana production

Dominican bananas unaffected by storm

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Tropical storm Fay, the weather system that has caused devastation across the Caribbean, has had little impact on banana production in the Dominican Republic despite the country feeling the full force of the storm this weekend.

Winds of 85km per hour battered the island on Sunday (17 August), but initial estimates indicate that plantations have suffered minimal damage.

"We had some rainfall but no big damage," Julie Vermeiren, general manager at Dominican Republic-based producer-exporter Savid International, told "In some farms we have had a few plants that have fallen down, but nothing to worry about."

In fact, Ms Vermeiren predicted that the storm could prove to be more positive than negative following a period of dry weather in the country.

"We were actually quite happy with the rain as we have been facing a dry period for a while now," she explained. "At this point, the storm has not had a meaningful impact on banana production in the Dominican Republic."

Over 50 people have been killed in the Dominican Republic and neighbouring Haiti amid rising rivers and flooding.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, the storm is expected to hit Cuba and Florida today (18 August), with many areas of the US state being evacuated after a state of emergency was declared.

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