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Thursday 5th July 2012, 10:57 London

Organics on the rise in Tunisia

The North African country has seen a great increase in organic farming over the past decade and anticipates further growth

Organics on the rise in Tunisia

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The area dedicated to organic farming in Tunisia has risen by more than twentyfold in the last ten years, from 18,600ha in 2002 to some 403,000ha today, according to Oneco.

Volumes have reportedly seen a comparable increase, growing from 9,000 tonnes to almost 265,000 tonnes over the same period.

In addition, continued increases are forecast under the country's 'Mastering the challenge together' programme, which envisages a rise in the organic growing area to 500,000ha by 2014.

The main Tunisian products grown organically are olive oil and dates, as well as oranges, lemons, peaches, apricots, pomegranates and various vegetables.

According to the ministry of agriculture, export revenues from organic products are set to increase from the current €44m to around €60m by 2014.

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