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India perishables supply chain "failing"

Pawanexh Kohli of CrossTree tells Cool Logistics conference that Asian country's logistics network requires major investment

India perishables supply chain "failing"
Pawanexh Kohli, CrossTree

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India's fresh produce supply chain requires a significant amount of new investment, especially from logistics service providers, if it is to cope with growing demand for high-quality fruit and vegetables in the country.

That was the message from Pawanexh Kohli of CrossTree, an Indian-based cold-chain management company, during last week's Cool Logistics conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

Kohli encouraged the international logistics sector to help improve India’s fresh produce supply chain by making improvements to the country's perishables distribution network.

"It is unbelievable that in a country of our size, 95 per cent of fresh produce is still sold off vending carts and there is only 6,000 reefer trucks," Kohli explained. 

"The current supply chain is failing and with 61 per cent of India’s spend on food we must now start to improve things across the board."

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