Carrefour launches new quality line

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Carrefour launches new quality line

The focus is on local, sustainable, high-quality produce for Carrefour's new product line, Origine & Qualité

Carrefour launches new quality line

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French retail giant Carrefour has strengthened its marketing on French origin products by introducing the new line 'Origine & Qualité', which the company describes as "the core of our fresh produce offering".

It covers 87 products, 290 product lines, 20,000 producers and 110,000 tonnes of fresh produce per year, Carrefour revealed.

In addition to local sourcing, the label is consistent with a sustainable farming approach, with Carrefour and its partners looking to preserve and enhance biodiversity through crop rotation, avoiding post-harvest chemical treatments and using integrated pest management.

Equally part of Origine & Qualité's sustainable approach is the signing of three-year contracts for all of the product lines concerned, with the focus on long-term direct relationships.

Quality for the product line is subject to rigorous checks by an independent body, while updated packaging reportedly highlights the most important characteristics: taste and enjoyment, fresh and healthy, and strong links with the local community.

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