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Intermarché backs "ugly" produce

The French retailer is determined to reduce waste with its new campaign supporting malformed fruit and vegetables

Intermarché backs "ugly" produce

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French retailer Intermarché has launched a campaign against waste by seeking to encourage consumers to choose so-called "ugly" fruits and vegetables.

Over a two-day period last month, Intermarché stores in the city of Provins featured dedicated areas, complete with posters of what's on offer, where "Ugly Fruit" was sold at a discount of 30 per cent.

Humourous posters highlighted what was on offer - "Ugly orange - makes very nice juice", "Ugly potato - voted Miss Purée 2013" - while consumers could enjoy a free "ugly juice" at point-of-sale.

TV adverts featured a single imperfect fruit or vegetable rotating like a prized car in a showroom, while a voiceover extolled the importance of recognising internal beauty.

"For your health, eat five ugly fruits and vegetables a day," one ad stated, while another discussed the need to create a fairer world where diversity and equality could co-exist.

According to Intermarché, if successful, the campaign could be rolled out across France.

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  • Great idea ! Everyone gets to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.


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