Report points to pesticide presence

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Report points to pesticide presence

A new study has claimed that 84.2 per cent of fruits and berries in Norwegian stores contain pesticide residues

Report points to pesticide presence

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A report from the FSA and Bioforsk has found that 84.2 per cent of fruits and berries sampled in Norwegian stores as part of a new study contained pesticide residues.

In a similar report carried out last year, this figure was of 74.4 per cent, which means an increase of over 13 per cent in one year, reported.

In vegetables, the average percentage of products where pesticide residues were found stood at at 58.1 per cent of the 1,152 samples analysed in 2013, compared to the 55.1 per cent of 2012 and 50.3 per cent in 2011.

Pesticide residues were also found in organic products and baby food.

According to the report, Norwegian authorities approved salads that contained residues of 50 different pesticides; grapes and raisins with 41 different pesticides; tomatoes, 39; cherries 34, and strawberries 31. Peaches and nectarines contained 30.

The report also found that in 449 samples of both Norwegian and imported products residues of more than one active ingredient were detected, while 137 different pesticides were detected in imported products, and 32 in Norwegian products.

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