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Wednesday 10th September 2014, 09:58 London

Cypriots furious at mislabelling

The alleged mislabelling of Greek fruit as Cypriot has angered farmers in Cyprus already hurting from the Russian embargo

Cypriots furious at mislabelling

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Farmers unions in Cyprus have reacted angrily to the alleged practice of Greek fruit traders shipping fruit from the Greek mainland and selling it as Cypriot produce, according to Cyprus Mail.

Representatives from PEK, EKA, Panagrotikos, Nea Agrotiki Kinisi and Evroagrotikos, have reportedly demanded government intervention to resolve the situation, stating that the practice was illegal, unjust and harmful to Cypriot producers and consumers.

Many Greek products are currently fetching extremely low prices as a result of the embargo by Russia, one of the top export destinations for Greek producers.

Cyprus has also been affected by the ban, since Russia imports around €13.5m of Cypriot produce annually, €10.7m of that citrus, with picking expected to begin in October. Having suffered for the past two years from severe drought, the disappearance of the Russian market could spell the end for many citrus producers in Cyprus.

“Fruit producers are in an uproar," the farmers unions stated. "It’s unacceptable that Cypriot markets are flooded with Greek products at a time when fruit from local producers are rotting in warehouses. If the government doesn’t heed our warnings, we will find a way to defend Cypriot farmers."

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