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Monday 6th October 2014, 11:32 London

Ghana re-admits exports to EU

The West African country has lifted its ban on vegetable exports to the EU, promising increased monitoring

Ghana re-admits exports to EU

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The Ghanaian government has lifted its ban on vegetable exports to the EU, introduced in July after the EU threatened sanctions over worm-infested vegetables.

General secretary of the association of vegetable exporters, Daniel Aladi, said that the lifting of the ban would not result in the immediate resumption of exports at peak levels, Ghana Web reported.

"All farms that are currently under cultivation will not be allowed for exports," he said, explaining that some farmers needed additional training, while district agricultural extension officers required extra guidance to be able to help these farmers.

Aladi added that the association of vegetable exporters would ensure Ghana did not receive any further notifications for what it sent to the EU.

"There is going to be very strict monitoring of the activities of the vegetable farmers so that once harvest comes from these new fields that are now going to be cultivated, they will allow such produce to be exported," he said.

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