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We Care, You Enjoy campaign lauded

Three-year promotion hailed as huge success for Spanish vegetable industry

We Care, You Enjoy campaign lauded

Juan Marín Bravo, bottom right, celebrates with other members of the produce industry

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Proexport and Hortyfruta have won Spain’s 5-a-Day Prize for their We Care, You Enjoy campaign to promote Spanish vegetables to consumers in Germany, the UK and Austria.

“Fresh produce companies are no longer simply producers, but also promoters of fruits and vegetables both for commercial reasons and because they have a duty to educate consumers about the health benefits of their consumption,” Proexport’s president, Juan Marín Bravo said on being awarded the honour by Joaquín Rey, director of the 5-a-day association.

Jointly funded by Proexport, Andalusian grower association Hortyfruta and the EU and Spanish government, the three-year We Care, You Enjoy campaign generated more than 850m impacts across television, radio, press and the internet at a cost of €3m.

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