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Spain pays more for imported fruit

Fruit and vegetable imports climbed in value terms through the January-February period of 2015

Spain pays more for imported fruit

Bananas led the way in Spanish fruit imports

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Spain paid more for its fresh fruit imports during the January and February period of 2015 than it did during the same months last year.

Figures released by the Department of Customs and Excise under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, processed by Fepex, showed that the value of fruit imports for the opening two months grew 13 per cent year-on-year to €175.4m.

This was despite volumes remaining level at 173,953 tonnes, Fepex noted.

Bananas and kiwifruit have been the major imported fruits through the period, with both showing significant growth.

Banana imports grew 20 per cent in value terms, totaling €23.4m, while kiwifruit jumped 6 per cent to €22.3m

Vegetable import volume, meanwhile, came to 218,895 tonnes, the same as in January-February 2014, while value grew by 3 per cent to €109m.

By product, the potato remains the main vegetable imported by Spain, down one per cent and 38 per cent to 149,515 tonnes and €25.2 million respectively.

Fepex also highlighted the strong growth in imports of tomatoes from Morocco, with 86 per cent growth in volumes to 8,587 tonnes, and a 146 per cent jump in value, totaling €7.6m.

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