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Crop protection industry 'disappointed' over Brexit

UK's position as a champion of agricultural innovation will be missed within the EU, the ECPA has said

Crop protection industry 'disappointed' over Brexit

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The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) has expressed its disappointment at the result of the UK's European Union referendum vote, but has expressed hope that the magnitude of the result will ultimately lead to improvements in the way the EU operates.

Industry spokesperson Graeme Taylor said that while the exit vote was "hugely disappointing", it was not altogether surprising.

"The recent Glyphosate issue is an example from our sector that epitomises how dysfunctional the EU system can be," said Taylor. "A system where a few member states, driven by politics rather than science, are allowed to potentially prevent the authorisation of a substance that allows the production of a plentiful, safe, sustainable and affordable supply of food for the European population, while allowing farmers to stay competitive and make positive contributions to the environment."

Taylor noted that the UK could be consistently relied upon to champion the causes of innovation in agriculture, a science-based approach to decision making and smarter regulation within the EU, and would therefore be greatly missed as a voice of reason during decision-making processes – although he hoped future relations with the EU would ensure the UK's dialogue continued.

"We hope that the institutions will take time to reflect on the reasons for one of the largest and most influential member states choosing to leave, and how it can address some of the issues raised during the debate, such as the real concern about the unnecessary red tape and burden that Brussels places on businesses," Taylor concluded.

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