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Monday 19th September 2016, 16:47 London

Idyl discovers eco solution

For its organic brand, Tribu Ecolo, French-Moroccan producer Idyl is using the fibres of recycled tomato plants to create ecological packaging

Idyl discovers eco solution

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Tribu Ecolo, the organic brand of French-Moroccan producer Idyl, is taking inspiration from nature in order to limit waste and maximise the company’s sustainability.

The company describes the brand as a “partnership” between Idyl and nature, and seeks to respond to the demands of organic consumers and producers, especially concerning sustainable packaging.

“Producing organic, consuming organic, inventing solutions for the climate and recycling to protect the environment,” Idyl stated in a press release. “Welcome to Tribu Ecolo’s world.”

Idyl is now packing its organic tomatoes in carboard punnets made from the fibres of recycled tomato plants. The aim is to demonstrate the company’s ability to “produce, pack and consume while limiting waste of our natural resources”.

Once the tomato harvest is over, the stems and leaves of the plants are collected and crushed up, and the fibres are mixed with recycled paper fibre to manufacture cardboard.

“This new ecological packaging is 100 per cent recyclable,” the company stated. “Idyl is committed to responding to the deep will of organic consumers and producers to make progress in environmental preservation.”

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