SanLucar unveils new look for Opal

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SanLucar unveils new look for Opal

Company goes back to the future for new vintage-inspired Opal apple packs

SanLucar unveils new look for Opal

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SanLucar has launched a new pack for its Opal apples. Under the motto “Apple taste as it used to be”, the limited edition retro pack of six apples are available from the winter in European stores.

Opal is a natural Golden Delicious-Topaz cross described by its developers as aromatic, extra crunchy and exceptionally sweet.

“Whoever tries this apple, does not want to try any other,”affirms Markus Bentele, an apple grower of SanLucar.

Opal apples come from the regions around Lake Constance and the Austrian area of Styria, where they thrive best in hillside locations.

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