BFV comes to aid of Haspengouw

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BFV comes to aid of Haspengouw

Talks between Belgian cooperative BFV and Veiling Haspengouw could secure the future of the troubled topfruit auction

BFV comes to aid of Haspengouw

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In December, the boards of directors of Belgian auctions Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV) and Veiling Haspengouw signed an agreement for the latter’s takeover, with BFV set to take over all buildings owned by Veiling Haspengouw.

In early September, the ailing Veiling Haspengouw, severely affected by the continued closure of the Russian market to its topfruit, was forced to initiate a procedure for protection from its creditors while a solution could be found.

That month, Veiling Haspengouw formed a cooperation agreement with auction BelOrta. However, BelOrta has come under fire from unions claiming the company paid insufficient attention to the future of Veiling Haspengouw’s employees.

BFV has stated its intention to prioritise the preservation of jobs.

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