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Wednesday 15th March 2017, 16:26 London

Premium European Kiwi hails successes

The campaign to promote European kiwifruit in the markets of Canada, the UAE and China has enjoyed significant results in its first 16 months including an increase in exports

Premium European Kiwi hails successes

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The Premium European Kiwi campaign, targeted at the Canadian, UAE and Chinese markets, has enjoyed a highly successful first 16 months, boosting exports and receiving positive feedback from end-consumers. This has resulted in Premium European Kiwi being invited to Brussels by CHAFEA (the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) and the European Commission to present the campaign as best practice.

Over the past year, the campaign has participated in Sial Canada 2016 in Montreal, Asia Fruit Logistica 2016 in Hong Kong and WOP Dubai 2016 in the UAE, as well as a series of successful promotional events, outdoor advertisements and in-store promotions in Montreal, Hong Kong and Dubai.

The campaign is focused on providing an innovative approach in targeting important markets for European kiwifruit. Part of this approach includes the design and development of online tools for the promotion of the campaign goals, such as the mobile application Premium European Kiwi, available for download to both Android and iOS users.

The campaign is funded by the European Union and Greece for the promotion of kiwifruit in Canadian, Chinese and the UAE markets. Behind the campaign are four Greek kiwifruit-producing organisations: Agricultural Cooperative of Chrisochori (Nespar), Agricultural Association Nestos, Alkyon and Goustera.

“We are very happy to see that our hard work in cultivating world-class quality kiwifruit is appreciated in three major markets,” said Michail Xekarfotakis, president of Nespar. “Kiwifruit from European countries are a premium product, and Greece is among the top producers of kiwifruit worldwide. The Premium European Kiwi campaign helps us get the message across, and create better opportunities for all kiwifruit producers.”

Alexandros Arampatzis, managing director of Win, which acts as the campaign’s implementing body, added: “The appeal of this campaign is the fact that we adapt its implementation depending on the market targeted each time. We employ a different approach for the Canadian, UAE and Chinese markets, adapted to the needs and preferences of the local audience, and we find this to be highly successful.”

As for the invitation to Brussels, Arampatzis revealed his pride. “We are very proud of this accomplishment and expect to conclude the lifecycle of this campaign with great success for this remarkable product, the European kiwifruit,” he said.

The next activities for the campaign include participation at Sial Canada 2017 in Toronto, in-store promotions and promotional events for opinion leaders and trade professionals in the Canadian market, as well as new social media accounts specific to China.

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