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Frosts hit French topfruit volumes

Although damage varies considerably from one region to the next, an agricultural disaster has been called for all French departments

Frosts hit French topfruit volumes

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Frosts over the 20-28 April period have resulted in significant losses for many growers across France, according to the country’s topfruit association, ANPP.

In some parts of the country, temperatures plunged below -7oC, leading to near-complete losses of crops, according to France Bleu, while others’ use of protection systems, including heaters, anti-freezing towers and water sprinklers, succeeded in limiting crop damage.

Since losses vary dramatically from area to area, an agricultural disaster has been called in all departments as a precautionary measure prior to a full damage assessment.

Experts in the French topfruit sector have estimated total losses at around 10-15 per cent in apples and pears, but a more precise evaluation is expected in mid-June.

According to reports, areas including Normandy and Pays de la Loire have been particularly badly hit, the former estimated to lose 80-100 per cent of the crop.

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