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Perle du Nord segments offer

The French endive specialist is segmenting its range with dual-use products as a way of better attracting consumers, while adapting the look of its packaging

Perle du Nord segments offer

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French company Perle du Nord, which groups together 140 endives producers from the Hauts-de-France region, has announced the increasing segmentation of its range in order to drive consumption.

The company is launching endives for grilling and braising, endives for salads and aperitifs, and endives for soups and fondue, according to a report in Médiafel.

"These choices are not random,” explained marketing manager Caroline Basset. “They are based on consumer studies and our experience of the previous range, which was split between ‘oven’, ‘braising’ and ‘salad’. Our three new lines respond to current consumption trends of simplicity, speed and flavour. With this dual-purpose offer, we want to demonstrate the culinary diversity of endives and guide consumers in their consumption choices.”

The new segmentation will be rolled out with a new look, minus the pastel colours and pictures of recipes of the previous packaging.

Perle du Nord’s aim is to attract the attention of consumers and inspire a craving for endives. According to a study from APEF, the French association of endives producers, declining consumption is down to a lack of eye-catching displays and an absence of desire generated by the product.

During the 2016/17 season, Perle du Nord maintained its market share of 52.3 per cent in the packaged segment. “This good performance was the result of the appeal of the segmented range developed by the brand since 2010,” said sales director Vincent Decool. “Indeed, the usage range is still recruiting new consumers, with 14.6 per cent more buyers this season, and has increased purchasing frequency by 4 per cent.”

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