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Mexican avo growth anticipated

Mexican avo growth anticipated

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Mexican avocado production and exports are expected to rise this year as global demand for the green fruit continues to soar.

Hass avocado production across the country is forecast to be 1.8m tonnes (MMT) for 2017/18 as weather conditions and phytosanitary pest control programmes boost production, a new GAIN report from the US Department of Agriculture predicted

According to USDA sources, the implementation of phytosanitary pest control programmes has also helped boost production from the 1.7m tonnes seen in 2016/17.

Total planted area for avocados in Mexico for 2016/17, the last period recorded, was estimated at 220,334ha, an increase of 7.3 per cent over 2015/16.

Traders forecast avocado exports for 2017/18 will increase to nearly 1m tonnes, due to expected good international demand.

"The depreciation of the peso against the dollar has helped international sales in general," USDA reported. "However, according to the Global Trade Atlas (GTA), Mexico ́s exports for 2016/17 decreased 9 per cent to 873,963 tonnes from 960,362 tonnes in MY 2015/16, due to weather and an alternate-bearing low crop."

APEAM’s data showed total exports at 894,713 in 2016/7, where exports to the US are 761,927 tonnes.

In general, exports have been increasing due to good international demand and year-round market access to all 50 US states, while exports to Canada, Japan and European countries have increased.

Avocado exports for 2016/17 generated US$2.5bn dollars, whereas in 2015/16 exports generated US$1.5bn.

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