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UK tops 5 A Day study

Research across seven European nations sees more people in Britain hitting aspirational goal, though many are also failing

UK tops 5 A Day study

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The UK has come out top of a mini-league of European nations for 5 A Day consumption.

The study, conducted by Kantar TNS on behalf of the Norwegian Fruit & Vegetable Marketing Board, looked at consumption in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK, France and Spain.

It found that the UK had the highest share of the population achieving at least five portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, with 39.7 per cent. France was second with 34.8 per cent, followed by Spain (29.3 per cent), Norway (23.9 per cent), Finland (22.9 per cent), Sweden (19.3 per cent) and finally Denmark (18.2 per cent).

However it wasn't all good news for the UK - the country also had the highest number (14.5 per cent) of people who failed to achieve even one single portion of fresh produce every week.

The report found that consumption of fruit and vegetables is influenced by an individual's education level, with higher-educated consumers tending to eat more fresh produce. Similarly, women generally eat more than men.

Kantar TNS, which interviewed a representative sample of 1,000 adults in each country, also found that in France and Spain consumption of fruit peaks at lunch and dinner, possibly as a dessert, while in other countries it is more evenly distributed throughout the day.

Vegetables are primarily consumed at dinner and lunch, while juice is mostly a breakfast drink. Smoothies bought in stores are more commonly drunk in Spain and the UK than other countries.


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