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Obeikan outlines global expansion strategy

Valencia-based MDF specialist is riding the sustainability wave

Obeikan outlines global expansion strategy

Salvador Martínez, left with Chris White of Fruitnet Media International

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Increasing demand for sustainable, differentiated and quality packaging is fuelling the international expansion of Valencia-based packaging specialist Obeikan MDF, according to CEO Salvador Martínez.

“There are two clear lines of growth for our company,” he told Fruitnet. “On the one hand, there is the sustainability of our packaging, which chimes with requests from supermarkets for greener alternatives to less sustainable materials such as plastic.

“On the other hand, we have benefited from high demand in countries like China and India for high quality packaging that allows products to reach the shelves in perfect condition.”

To support its international expansion the company has signed a collaboration agreement with MINT, the marketing services agency that forms part of Fruitnet Media International, and will embark on an intensive marketing campaign that includes participation in international trade fairs and fact finding missions to key markets.

“With this agreement we are making a firm commitment to online communications, with the aim of enhancing our visibility and promoting dialogue with the end consumers of our products,” said Martínez.

“Up until now we have concentrated our efforts on targeting the major manufacturing and retail companies. Obviously we will continue to strengthen these relationships as they are extremely important to our company, but we also believe that now is the time to open up a direct dialogue with the consumers of our products so we can adapt our packaging to their needs.” 

Over the past ten years, Obeikan has consolidated its position as a leading supplier of high quality MDF packaging.

Lighter than wood, MDF offers completely smooth, splinter-free surfaces that offer designers the chance to totally customise their boxes, something that the big brands in the sector very much appreciate.

In addition, the boxes have a state-of-the-art self-assembly system which means that any additional elements such as staples, nails or glue are completely superfluous and makes them much easier to recycle.

The company has already sold more than 150m units and its sales now exceed 25m units per year. Its customers include leading European retailers such as Edeka, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Grand Frais.

“Our clients can be found in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Chile, but the design and strength of our packaging makes it perfect for long distance exports, and we are also now reaching markets such as China, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the US, offering our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their products will arrive in a perfect condition in an attractive presentation format, which means they can achieve better sales figures and hence even more profits,” Martínez said.


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