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Pink Lady shows commitment

The apple brand made clear its commitment to tackling social and environmental challenges at the International Agricultural Show in Paris

Pink Lady shows commitment

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Apple brand Pink Lady presented its socially responsible commitments to consumers at the Paris International Agricultural Show on 24 February to 4 March at Porte de Versailles.

The brand created a 135m2 “discovery space” in the Crops and Plant Hall dedicated to the history of the Pink Lady apple and its growers.

The company presented the five themes behind its socially responsible Imagine scheme: the treatment of orchards by growers; the origins of Pink Lady apples and the areas they are grown in; the importance of biodiversity and bee protection; consideration of environmental, societal and social challenges through the best sustainable initiatives; and the brand’s anti-waste policy.

The experience was made interactive for visitors, with learning panels, fun activities, tastings and, most important of all, the opportunity to meet the growers.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for the team to demonstrate their knowledge, explain their methods and reassure participants in a social context marked by increasing concerns about food,” a press release from Pink Lady Europe stated. “They were able to meet the public and show them all the actions undertaken for the responsible production of this exceptional apple and its unique model. It clearly demonstrated to them that links between agriculture and society are far from broken.”

“This opportunity to share ideas and communicate strengthened our convictions,” said press officer Julia Savin. “Pink Lady is an apple based on strong values and acts as a source of progress that responds to the current expectations of consumers in economic, environmental and social terms. Forming a close relationship with the public and raising awareness are both vital in highlighting the work done by our stakeholders, and the Agricultural Show is a fantastic showcase for that.”

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