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Brazilian artist redesigns Chiquita label

Romero Britto's new series of stickers will appear on fruit in Europe and North America from mid-November

Brazilian artist redesigns Chiquita label

Romero Britto has also redesigned Chiquita's London double-decker bus, which has been attracting attention around the UK capital this year

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Banana brand Chiquita has teamed up with Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto to redesign its iconic fruit sticker, inviting him to transform the label into a series of four limited edition artworks in the run-up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

According to the marketer, Britto’s work exudes the same fun and playful nature as its own brand. Britto’s own influences combine cubism with pop to create a vibrant, iconic style described by The New York Times as "exuding warmth, optimism and love”.

The limited-edition Britto stickers will appear on over 200m Chiquita bananas – both in the US and across a number of European markets – for a four-week period starting on 18 November.

A specially designed, Chiquita-branded double-decker bus decorated by the artist will also appear on the streets of London in December.

“We are thrilled and honoured that Romero Britto is keen to collaborate with our brand,” said Jamie Postell, Chiquita’s sales director for North America. “We believe that we share the common values of brightening up our consumer’s days and providing access for children to education and arts.”

Britto himself commented: “I’m so excited to partner with Chiquita, the leading provider of nature’s most delicious and nutritious fruit. This partnership is a perfect match. Not only is my favourite colour yellow, but I take pride knowing my artwork brings happiness to people - just like the iconic Chiquita banana.”

Postell said Chiquita wanted to bring “a little bit of sunshine and happiness” to the Northern Hemisphere’s winter period, inspiring fans to discover its special stickers, collect them and share love.

“We want to motivate our fans to spread happiness and get inspired with the Britto limited-edition stickers this holiday season,” he said Postell. “Art is about self-expression, and our approach at Chiquita is all about providing a little bit of amusement and joy in people’s lives. When you hold a bright yellow Chiquita banana you feel happier.”

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