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Livinda apples just got greener

Moves by Nufri Group to eliminate single-use plastics in trays will save 14 tonnes of plastic a year

Livinda apples just got greener

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Premium apple brand Livinda has taken the first steps to remove single-use plastics by replacing polypropylene trays with ones made from cellulose derived from recycled paper and cardboard on its 50, 30 and 9.5 count cartons of Livinda Pure Premium and Livinda-branded apples.

The move will lead to a reduction of almost 14 tonnes of plastic a year.

“We are fully aware of the serious problem that single-use plastics create for the entire planet, contaminating our natural resources which, if we are not careful, will cease to be productive in the coming years,” said Ignasi Argiles, director production and marketing of the Nufri Group, which manages the brand in Spain.

“We are committed to taking efficient steps to reduce our plastic footprint, such as testing new packaging that allows us to be more sustainable.”

The company’s focus on sustainable production also includes a commitment to renewable energies including solar, biomass and hydraulics.


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