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SanLucar sends first Spanish blues to Middle East

Company makes first shipment of Spanish blueberries to Middle East using ground breaking CA technology

SanLucar sends first Spanish blues to Middle East

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SanLucar has teamed up with Carrier Transicold and MSC to carry out the first shipment of Spanish blueberries to the Middle East using Carrier’s XtendFRESH, one of the most advanced controlled atmosphere technologies on the market.

The system regulates the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen inside the transport container, reducing and eliminating the ethylene released by the fruit. 

This slows down the natural ripening process, extending the fruit’s shelf life while preserving its freshness and quality, which is especially important for a product as delicate as blueberries.

“Logistics are for SanLucar a key factor in the development of our internationalisation strategy, always acting as a springboard and never as a limitation,” said the company’s logistics director Christian Quintela.

“From this point of view, we are strongly committed to the new means at our disposal to preserve the high quality standards of our products on their long trip to the overseas markets.”

Quintela noted that it was crucial to collaborate with leading shipping and logistics companies such as MSC to find the most innovative preservation technologies in refrigerated containers, as well as the most optimal services and routes for each of the destination markets.

In the coming days, SanLucar blueberries will be distributed in the Middle East supermarkets.

The company has steadily expanded its presence in the Middle East in recent years and has its own office in Dubai.




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