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Anecoop unveils 2019 Bouquet watermelon campaign

The group expects to market around 150,000 tonnes of the fruit this season

Anecoop unveils 2019 Bouquet watermelon campaign

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Anecoop has launched its 2019 Bouquet watermelon campaign, which this year will focus on promoting inclusion and diversity through sport.

Marketing manager Piedad Coscollá said the company had invested close to €900,000 in the campaign, which covered Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Poland. A number of activities are planned for point of sale, radio, television and social networks, aerial advertising and sporting and media events.

During a meeting with its grower partners from Almería and Murcia last week to share their production forecasts for the new season and unveil the new marketing campaign, Anecoop president Alejandro Monzón said: “our commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity through sports is based on our corporate and cooperative values, which is why it is important that we do our bit to give visibility to groups that need the support of the whole of society”.

The company has organised a number of events, including last weekend’s with 1st Inclusive Rugby Festival, which counted on the participation of several local teams.

Other actions include the Inclusion and Sports Challenge, organised by cerebral palsy charity Avapace, and sporting events La Mar Soidaria and Marea Azul Solidaria.

Launched in 1991, Bouquet watermelons are now sold in 30 countries worldwide.

“Bouquet watermelons have brought many things to Anecoop, but above all they have given us leadership, growth, innovation, diversification, brand development and a greater international presence,” said Anecoop’s CEO Joan Mir.

“It is also a crop with an important social value, since it allows many farmers and their families to supplement their production and live off agricultural activity almost all year round.”

The company also highlighted its research and development efforts, run from its two research facilities in Almería and Valencia, which are focusing on developing newer smaller varieties with exceptional flavour.

The Bouquet watermelon production calendar starts in April in Almería and then moves on to Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. Seville and Castilla-La Mancha complete the campaign calendar.

Commercial director Miguel Abril said Anecoop expected to market around 150,000 tonnes of Bouquet watermelons this year.

He said the company would prioritise Spanish production, seeking to extend the campaign “with varieties that continue to distinguish our quality in terms of flavour and colour compared to those of other origins”.

Anecoop is also working to broaden its Bouquet range, which now includes red and yellow striped watermelons, black skinned watermelons and mini watermelons. They are also available in organic and zero-waste options.


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