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ASF to roll out nectarine programme in Spain

Four Spanish companies have signed an agreement to produce the varieties conventionally and organically

ASF to roll out nectarine programme in Spain

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French fruit breeder Agro Selections Fruits (ASF) is to extend production its new generation of white-fleshed flat nectarines to Spain.

The 12 varieties of Regal’in nectarines cover the entire stonefruit production calendar and are characterised by their semi-sweet flavour, high coloration and aromatic and crispy flesh.

In 2018, ASF set up the Nectarine Blanche Plate association, comprising six French producers, with the aim of establishing 300ha of production by 2023.

The group has now been expanded through the addition of four Spanish producers – Albice Fruits, Cinca Group, Frutaria and organics specialist Haciendas Bio. Between them they aim to have 900ha planted by 2024, including 750ha of conventional and 150ha of organic production.

ASF developed its flat white nectarine programme in response to the growing trend for healthy, tasty, practical products, ideal for consuming outside the home.

ASF – also known as Maillard Genetics – has been working for decades to obtain new and improved varieties of peaches and nectarines with round and flat fruit, with white, yellow and highly pigmented flesh as well as cherries, apricots and apples.

Recognised for its global development of varieties with a very high taste value in round peaches and nectarines, the company is now working very actively to meet the concept of “eating better, eating healthy” by offering rustic varieties requiring less chemical treatments.


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