Pakistan mango exports on track

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Pakistan mango exports on track

The country had exported 45,000 tonnes of the fruit by the end of June, and is on track to hit government targets

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A senior Pakistani official has said that the country's yearly mango exports hit 45,000 tonnes by the end of June, leaving it well on the way to reaching government targets.

Mohamed Asghar Afridi, Pakistan's ambassador to Qatar, revealed the figures at a mango festival in Qatar this week, which was paid for by the Pakistan embassy.

"According to the mango development programme devised by Pakistan's horticulture and export board for the current year, it has been planned to explore new markets such as China, Germany and the US," said Mr Asghar Afridi.

The festival saw a range of mango varieties, including Sindhari, Chaunsa, Dusehri, Anwar Rattol and Langra on display, along with other Pakistani fruit such as lychees, apricots and peaches. 

"Although Pakistani mangoes are available in Qatar, not many people are familiar with the rich varieties produced in the country," said Qazi Mohamed Asghar, president of event organiser Pak Youth Society.

Pakistan is the world's third-largest mango producer and fifth-largest exporter, and is expected to sell around US$43m of mangoes to overseas markets this year.

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