Germany bans Lithuanian mushrooms

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Germany bans Lithuanian mushrooms

The country has moved to ban mushroom imports from the Baltic country following the discovery of a dangerous pesticide in a batch by retailer Rewe

Germany bans Lithuanian mushrooms

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Germany has banned Lithuanian mushroom imports after laboratory tests conducted by retail group Rewe revealed traces of diethyltoluamide in a batch received from exporter Mélynoji Uoga Company.

According to Lithuanian newspaper Lietvos rytas, Rewe discovered 0.01mg-0.05mg of the pesticide in 1kg of chanterelle mushrooms during the tests.

However, Mélynoji director Ride Budrikene told local press that the rejection of the mushrooms was purely down to economic reasons, adding that traces of the pesticide could be found if mushroom pickers were using the chemical to repel mosquitoes.

"Aerosols with diethyltoluamide are produced in several countries and they are allowed in the European Union," said Mr Budrikene. "I think the commercial chains are using such pretence in order to make more money on mushroom sales this year."

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