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Study highlights Tenderstem tenderness

Research from scientists at Warwick University has shown that Tenderstem broccoli beats all for tenderness

Study highlights Tenderstem tenderness

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Research conducted at Warwick University’s Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has shown that the trademarked Tenderstem broccoli variety is the most tender available on the market today.

The results of the research demonstrated that Tenderstem broccoli is 25-30 per cent more tender than purple sprouting broccoli.

Tenderstem broccoli is tender from floret to stem, and the whole vegetable can be eaten. The variety needs to be cooked for less time than others and can even be eaten raw, ensuring more of the vegetable’s health properties are retained.

Matt Gedney, one of the UK’s leading Tenderstem producers, commented: “The careful nurturing of Tenderstem broccoli plants is a key factor in growing the best and most tender broccoli available. It’s incredibly labour-intensive, but the hard work is clearly worth it with results like these.”

Andy Macdonald of Coregeo, which owns the Tenderstem brand in the UK, added: “The tenderness research reinforces our understanding of and commitment to the excellent eating credentials of Tenderstem broccoli and has proven that it is the most tender of all broccoli varieties. Both avid fans and those who try Tenderstem for the first time have a strong and growing appreciation of its unique flavour and texture, and we’re delighted that we can now support their instincts with scientific fact.”

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