Imports soar to Iran

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Imports soar to Iran

Imports into the Middle Eastern country are significantly up compared with the same period in 2008

Imports soar to Iran

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Imports of fruit into Iran over the last five months have grown by 66 per cent in value compared with the year-earlier period, according to Foodna.

During this period, 397,973 tonnes of fruit were imported, at a value of US$195m, significantly greater than the 339,903 tonnes and US$117m recorded during the equivalent period last year.

The UAE, Philippines and Turkey were reportedly the top three fruit exporters to Iran, shipping 215,063 tonnes, 56,896 tonnes and 55,679 tonnes respectively.

According to Foodna, the main products imported to Iran during this period were bananas (265,885 tonnes), oranges (92,132 tonnes) and pears (9,271 tonnes).

According to Mohammad Arjomandi, of Iranian importer Arjomandi Trading Company, the vast quantities of bananas entering the market in recent months have "crashed the market".

"Cheap bananas are flooding into Iran from Latin America due to the current weakness of the European market," he says. "This has crashed the market. Around 240,000 boxes are being sold in Iran every day."

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