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Monday 8th November 2010, 12:52 London

'Steamy' chicory hits shelves

Chicory from Belgian auction Brava is now set to be sold in microwaveable pouches

'Steamy' chicory hits shelves

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Belgian auction Brava, located in Zellik and Kampenhout, has rolled out a new innovation to woo chicory lovers.

Its chicory is now available in ready-to-use steaming pouches, each containing four heads of freshly packed chicory.

Crucially, the so-called ‘Steamy’ pouches, which carry the Flandria quality label, will be displayed along with other fresh vegetables in supermarkets, rather than with the frozen items or ready meals.

According to Flandria, none of the freshness, flavour or nutritional value is lost when the chicory is microwaved.

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