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Thursday 16th December 2010, 12:21 London

Comeback for forgotten Belgian veg

A number of forgotten vegetables are seeing a resurgence in Belgium, with parsnips even joining the Flandria brand

Comeback for forgotten Belgian veg

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Forgotten vegetables such as winter radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, kohlrabi  and parsnips are making a comeback in Belgium, according to VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board.

LAVA, the group comprising the country’s six main auctions, is working hard to “rescue these vegetables from oblivion”, VLAM said. At the moment they account for only a small market share, but production is reportedly expanding.

Parsnips have recently been added to the Flandria range of produce, so long as they meet the brand’s strict quality requirements.

Provided that the frost is not too severe, the LAVA auctions expect some 6.5 tonnes of Flandria parsnips per week during the festive season.

Jo Lambrecht, commercial director of the Brava auction, commented: “Parsnips are a lovely niche product. The growers take enormous care with the harvest and preparation of this product for the market. They are gradually becoming more popular with consumers, thanks to efforts by the producers and the auctions.”

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