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Friday 4th March 2011, 11:14 London

Medfel brings Med together

The recent turmoil in North Africa has shown the importance of Euro-Mediterranean relations, Medfel's organisers state

Medfel brings Med together

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On 4-6 May, the southern French town of Perpignan will once again play host to Medfel, the international trade fair for the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Organisers believe that the recent events in North Africa, most notably in Tunisia and Egypt, have highlighted the importance of good relations and trade between Mediterranean countries and Europe, something that Medfel seeks to promote.

The country of honour for this, the third edition of the fair, will be Tunisia, a country which traditionally exports oranges, dates and peaches, but now has plans to develop new products, including avocados, prickly pears, asparagus and exotic fruits.

Turkey and Israel are reportedly set to participate for the first time this year, joining regular attendees Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Organiser Chantal Passat commented: "At the heart of this year's fair is the will to establish, in response to international requirements, a genuine Euro-Mediterranean fruit and vegetable marketplace both in terms of complementary collaboration and seasonal produce. An ambition that has become even more essential at the present time."

The fair will once again include a number of conference sessions, including the annual European stonefruit forecasts.

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