G’s brings Italian onions to Tesco

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G’s brings Italian onions to Tesco

Tesco says Borettana onions will enhance category that is ‘in need of a refresh’

G’s brings Italian onions to Tesco

Borettana onions have landed on Tesco shelves

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Salad giant G’s Fresh has launched Italian Borettana onions into a selected number of Tesco stores nationwide priced at £1.50 per kilogram.

Grown in Northern Italy, the heritage onion variety is one of several new product developments being introduced by the business over the coming year.

“We have been working closely with Tesco on how to enhance the onion fixture for customers and offer them different varieties from around the world,” said Gʼs account manager, Sally Beeton.

Borettana onions have a flat, disc-like appearance with a copper skin. The internal flesh is white, soft and sweet with a mild flavour, and it is usually used in Italy for chutneys, pickling or roasting.

The products will also be ranged in specially designed boxes to enable them standout in the fixture. Produce staff have been issued with booklets with key information on the entire range to help answer any customer questions. Shelf edge cards with “tips” on how to prepare the onions can also be found in store.

Tesco lead commercial manager for root veg, Emma Williams, said the Italian Borettana is one of many steps to help reinvigorate the fresh onion category.

She said the category is very important to Tesco’s produce strategy, but is very mature and in need of a refresh.

“We are looking forward to introducing our customers to the new varieties over the coming months and raising further awareness of these unique products within the category,” she said.



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