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Campaign highlights health properties of prunes

UK initiative takes on a series of brand ambassadors to get the message across of prunes' health credentials

Campaign highlights health properties of prunes

Paul A Young Photo: Tom Moggach

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California Prunes has launched a UK campaign aimed at improving trade and consumer awareness of the role prunes can play in reducing fat and sugar content in cooking.

The Prune It initiative is fronted by a range of brand ambassadors including celebrity TV chef Rosemary Shrager, chocolatier Paul A Young, TV chef, baker and founder of Simply Good Food TV Peter Sidwell, and baker Peter Cook.

One aspect of the campaign includes the development of a lifestyle plan based on research by the University of Liverpool, which examined how the inclusion of prunes in the diet induced increased feelings of fullness, helping to tackle the hunger pangs which often derail a weight-loss programme. 

The focus for Prune It will be on the rollout of a range of recipes, videos and demonstrations from California Prunes’ brand ambassadors to demonstrate the culinary appeal and health benefits associated with cooking with prunes to reduce sugar and fat levels.

The campaign has also launched a Prune It Masterchef competition together with Westminster Kingsway college. The objective of the competition is to educate emerging talent in the culinary field to "appreciate the versatility of California Prunes as a premium, versatile ingredient which can also be used to improve the health attributes of a dish". The final of the competition will take place at the end of March.

European marketing director Esther Ritson-Elliott said: “Communicating the benefits associated with California Prunes as a high-quality culinary ingredient which delivers clear health and nutritional benefits represents a founding principle of our current marketing strategy. Current ‘clean eating’ trends and a renewed interest in identifying natural solutions to reducing sugar and fat intake ensure that the Prune It campaign resonates well with both the general public and food and health professionals."

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