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Tornados hit Almerían greenhouses

Initial estimates put losses at €40m, with around 200ha of production affected

Tornados hit Almerían greenhouses

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A wave of tornados swept through the municipality of El Ejido in Almería last weekend, leaving a trail of devastation including flattened greenhouses in its wake.

Early estimates suggest that more than 200ha of greenhouses were affected, causing losses of around €40m.

Rodrigo Sánchez, the Minister of Agriculture for Andalucía, and the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, visited the affected areas on Sunday to inspect the damage.

Inspectors are currently visiting farms to assess the real extent of the damage. There are no reports of personal injury.

Rural development bank Cajamar has set up a credit line to help producers who have suffered crop losses and damage to greenhouse infrastructure.


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