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Plastic pallets proving successful in trials

Asda could adopt plastic pallets following a successful trial with Polymer Logistics in transporting brassicas

Plastic pallets proving successful in trials

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Asda may be moving towards using plastic pallets for their fresh produce following a successful trial transporting broccoli and cabbage.

The Cleanpal pallet, developed by Polymer Logistics, completed a “highly successful” test, as brassicas from the Lincolnshire-based D.E Brand were supplied to Asda distribution centres across the UK.

Adrian Dale, ‎managing director at Polymer Logistics UK said‬: “In today’s supply chain, speed, safety and reliable quality have become essential. Problems related to the use of wood pallets are increasingly coming under the microscope as retailers look to take their operations to the next level. This trial demonstrates how cleanpal delivers in every category to improve the fresh produce experience.”

Wooden pallets face increasing competition in the fresh produce supply chain, as some people claim theiy are less hygienic and mobile.

Plastic pallets are generally lighter, cleaner and safer despite often being more expensive and difficulties in repairing them. The pallets are expected to increase in global use in the coming years, alongside growth in the warehouse and logistics industry.

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