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Wednesday 27th June 2018, 10:24 London

Ukrainian growers picking strawberries

The eastern European country is turning from strawberry importer to exporter, as Ukrainians return home with valuable experience and knowledge

Ukrainian growers picking strawberries

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The rapid expansion of strawberry production in Ukraine has resulted in a major trade reversal over the last few years, with imports falling and exports increasing by as much as 90 per cent.

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UAC) revealed that imports of fresh strawberries have fallen by 88 per cent, from 1,286 tonnes in 2012 to 153 tonnes in 2017, while exports grew by 90 per cent from 184 tonnes to 1,799 tonnes in the six-year period, according to Kyiv Post.

Aiding the development of strawberry production in the country has been the return of Ukrainians with and knowledge and experience of working in the sector abroad, mainly in Poland, which produces three times as many strawberries as Ukraine.

However, Ukrainian growers are increasingly choosing strawberries, expanding the country’s production area and selecting varieties that are better suited.

Meanwhile, domestic consumption increased by 11 per cent in 2017, Kyiv Post reported.

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