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Australian potential for red-fleshed apples

Ifored member Montague says red-fleshed apples will capture a new market segment in Australia and stimulate consumption

Australian potential for red-fleshed apples

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New red-fleshed apple varieties will capture a different consumer segment to traditional apples in the Australian market, according to major Australian stonefruit and pipfruit grower-marketer Montague.

Montague is a member of the newly-announced Ifored international consortium dedicated to commercialising promising new red-fleshed apple cultivars.

The company’s managing director Ray Montague, one of Ifored’s five global directors, hopes the new varieties will boost Australian apple consumption in coming years.

“The ability to share technical and marketing expertise with our global partners will assist Australian growers to maximise the potential of these varieties,” explains Montague. “Over the next ten years we will see these commercialised in Australia.

“These new red fleshed varieties will bring excitement to the apple category for Australian consumers. Current consumption of apples in Australia is well below Europe. These varieties will target a new demographic and help drive consumption of apples for our industry.”

Montague has had success developing new premium apple varieties in the Australian market such as Jazz, which the company licences from rights owner Turners & Growers.

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