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Bumper pineapple crop goes to waste

Fresh Queensland pineapples have been left to rot after a bumper crop was ripe ahead of the processing schedule

Bumper pineapple crop goes to waste

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Piles of pineapples are currently rotting in the hot Queensland sun. A large and early crop has driven prices down for producers and already filled fresh pineapple supply.

Excellent growing conditions this season mean pineapple stocks are overflowing so fruit typically destined for secondary markets has been left in the field. Multiple news sources have reported dumping volumes from 40, up to 100 tonnes.

Stephen Pace, who chairs the peak industry group Australian Pineapple Growers told ABC News that it was unfortunate to see so much fruit go to waste.

"It's a sad fact it's better to discard it rather than to put it on the market and drag down an already oversupplied market.”

Much of the fruit that can’t be sold fresh would typically be sent to the nearby Golden Circle cannery for processing, but this year the fruit was ripe ahead of the canning schedule.

Golden Circle won’t be adjusting their production schedule which has made it difficult for growers to move their fruit.

Grower Damien Berra, who farms at Rollingstone, has left more than 40 tonnes of pineapples in a pile to rot or be given away for livestock feed.

Berra admitted to ABC News that growers could do more to reduce their waste, but urged Australian families to consume more fresh pineapple this summer.

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