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Australian industries join to push exports

The Australian horticulture sector is banding together with other primary industries to promote exports to China

Australian industries join to push exports

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In a bid to reinforce its clean and green image, Hort Innovation has partnered with Dairy Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia, and Wine Australia to form the Premium Australian Food and Wine Collaboration.

The collaboration will target China as a market and is focused on growing horticultural and agricultural trade from Australia to China. Each year, Australia exports AU$6.5bn (US$4.8bn) in goods from the aforementioned industries combined.

An event to promote the collaboration was held today in Shanghai, showcasing the best produce from Australian farms to the Chinese food industry.

National Farmers Federation chief executive officer Tony Mahar said the exercise was part of a long-term commitment to developing markets in China.

 “Australia is already positioned at the premium end of the market for fresh produce in China and, by bringing together the red meat, dairy, wine and horticulture sectors, we can consolidate that position and highlight the strengths of Australian agriculture right across the value chain,” said Mahar.

Annually, China is an AU$633.8m (US$473m) market for Australian horticulture.

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