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Keen on kiwiberries

Importer Giumarra announces the fourth season of kiwiberry shipments from New Zealand

Keen on kiwiberries

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Giumarra Wenatchee has announced its fourth season of marketing New Zealand-grown kiwiberries in partnership with Seeka.

According to the importer, the fruit is airfreighted and will be available for shipment to US customers from now through the end of March.

“As the exotic category continues to be of high interest to consumers, we are pleased to offer flavourful, fun-to-eat kiwiberries in convenient clamshell packaging,” said Jason Bushong, division manager of Giumarra Wenatchee. “Kiwiberries have the same tangy-sweet flavour and nutritional benefits of traditional green kiwifruit, including being an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of fibre.”

Kiwiberries are bite-sized with smooth skin and can be eaten out of hand without peeling.

“Kiwiberries make an excellent addition to our exotic lineup, as consumers continue to gravitate to small-sized fruits for a variety of uses, including snacking,” noted Gary Caloroso, regional business development director for the Giumarra Companies.

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