Over 1,000 Musang King durian trees planted in Malaysia in new phase of strategic growth plan

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Agroforestry Group has announced it is expanding its Musang King durian plantation in Johor, Malaysia, adding an additional 1,500 trees.

Paul Martin, managing director of the forestry management group said the expansion would help meet the increasing demand for the fruit.

“The decision to expand was an obvious one as demand internationally clearly outstrips Malaysia’s current Musang King production capacity,” said Martin.

“It’s worth noting that international demand doesn’t only come from China and other nearby countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. The interest and consumption from Western countries, such as Australia, the US, and the Netherlands, have also increased significantly.”

Martin emphasised that the Agroforestry Group prioritises strategic growth and prefers to expand gradually in controlled phases. He noted that inexperienced growers often make the mistake of seeking large areas of land without fully understanding the complexities and expenses involved in durian farming.

“We prioritise responsible expansion and consider the environmental impact while striving for operational improvement with each phase,” said Martin.

“Our continuous research and development involves adopting new techniques to enhance yields and growth. By expanding in stages, we can assess and incorporate enhancements from previous phases into new ones.”