Lunar New Year mailer

It’s the most important annual celebration across China and many other Asian countries, it’s the busiest period on Asia’s fresh produce trade calendar, and it’s coming soon.

Lunar New Year falls on 1 February 2022, and preparations start now. With the end of another challenging year in sight, the lunar celebrations are even more keenly anticipated as the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends, give thanks and ask for good fortune.

Asiafruit’s upcoming English and Mandarin Chinese editions look at how Asia’s leading fresh produce players are maximising the marketing opportunities and putting their brands centre stage.

How is production shaping up among global suppliers of key products such as cherries, citrus, stonefruit and grapes? What are exporters doing to manage the logistics challenges presented by global supply chain disruption? How are marketers tailoring packaging and promotional messages to key channels and demographics?

As part of our coverage, we want to hear from you. Tell us how you’re preparing for the Lunar New Year festivities. How are your supply programmes shaping up? What new products or packaging are you launching? How are you ensuring maximum exposure for your brand?

If you are interested in taking part in this feature, please contact us by 19 November.


John Hey, editor, Asiafruit

Yuxin Yang, editor, Asiafruit China