Chile grapes

Malaysia retail

ProChile has identified opportunities in Malaysia for Chilean kiwifruit, grapes and apples in a new report.

The report noted the changing diet of Malaysian consumers and new focus on health presented the Chilean fruit with the chance to grow its market share.

“The increasing westernisation of the daily diet offers more and more opportunities for imported fruit,” the report said.

“Added to this is a greater concern for health and the consumption of healthy products, which are supplied by a diversity of countries.”

In 2019 Chile was Malyasia’s third largest supplier of kiwifruit accounting for 6.3 per cent of imports, it was the sixth largest supplier of table grapes with an 8.8 per cent market share and the sixteenth largest apple supplier with less than 1 per cent of market share.

While Chilean kiwifruit’s market share in Malaysia remained stable from 2018 to 2019, the market share of table grapes and apples both jumped more than 20 per cent.

To promote further growth the report recommended exporters target the middle- and upper-class population though modern retailers.

“Malaysia represents a modern market, with good purchasing power and a strong focus on quality and health,” the report said.

“Main consumer characteristics a preference to imported and quality products, adaptability to new food trends and e-commerce as a means of purchase. The quality/price ratio is also an important factor in decision making.”

When faced with competition exporters were advised to support their product and carry out promotions and tasting in supermarkets and maintain a personal and a direct relationship with importers.

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