Decision announced during last week’s visit by president Dina Boluarte to China

Airflown table grapes from Peru can now access the Chinese market thanks to a new agriculture deal signed by the two countries.

Peruvian grapes

The agreement, signed last week during president Dina Boluarte’s visit to China, updates the phytosanitary protocols to allow exports of table grapes by air, as well as exports of horse and donkey meat and other products. It means fresher, high quality grapes will be able to be supplied to fill the premium market segment.

Angel Manero, head of Peru’s Agriculture Ministry, Midagri, said the government wants Peru’s agricultural exports to reach more than US$11.5bn a year.

“Peru is one of the main exporters of table grapes, blueberries, avocados and mangoes in the world, and the government’s objective, through Midagri, is to continue promoting access of our products to the Chinese market,” he said.

During the visit, progress was also made on securing access for other Peruvian agri-exports, including fresh pomegranates and pecans.

In the case of pomegranates, Peruvian plant health authority Senasa’s report on cold treatment was approved and reviewed by China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC), pending the development of the phytosanitary protocol.

For pecans, the GACC has unofficially reported that a delegation will visit Peru in July to carry out a complete audit of its production, harvest and post-harvest, a crucial stage for the signing of the phytosanitary protocol.