Environmental, Social, and Governance management feature to help tackle sustainability reporting challenges

DiMuto's ESG Dashboard

DiMuto’s ESG Dashboard

DiMuto has announced the launch of a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management feature on its trade solutions platform.

The feature is designed provide AgriFood businesses with real-time insight into their ESG impact across their supply chains and determine opportunities to adopt sustainable solutions.

According to DiMuto, AgriFood stakeholders are under increased scrutiny from consumers, investors, regulators, and civil society to ensure ethical practices, environmental conservation, and social responsibility. For example, the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) 2024 requires AgriFood companies to disclose their ESG practices throughout their value chains.

As a result, companies are compelled to consistently report their ESG impact. However, obtaining consistent, complete, and reliable data is a major challenge in accurate sustainability reporting.

In particular, AgriSMEs face these challenges due to the lack of historical data within the industry and because they may not have the required knowledge, resources, or systems for complete data coverage.

DiMuto’s founder and chief executive, Gary Loh said DiMuto’s ESG Management feature helps to address this issue with a comprehensive solution to track and monitor sustainability performance.

“DiMuto is excited to be at the forefront of redefining global agritrade through a digital transformation. We are providing innovative solutions to address the pressing sustainability challenges faced by companies today,” said Loh.

“Our ESG Management feature is a game-changer in helping companies to understand their carbon footprint and make data-driven decisions to increase their social impact and reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, the feature is seamlessly connected with DiMuto’s other platform features, making it easy for our customers to use immediately.”

Companies can use the feature to immediately determine their food waste from rejected or discarded products, carbon emissions from shipments and electricity usage, and water usage across locational facilities. These three key data metrics are then aggregated automatically on DiMuto’s ESG Dashboard.

The ESG Management feature will provide companies with detailed analyses of their carbon footprint, including a breakdown of emissions by product, location, and transportation mode. This data will help companies make informed decisions about reducing their carbon footprint and ensure companies are aligned in meeting their environmental targets.

“DiMuto’s ESG Management feature is a key step towards a more sustainable future,” said HuiMin Lee, DiMuto’s chief experience officer. “We believe that companies have a responsibility to take action on sustainability, and we are committed to providing the tools and solutions to make this a reality.”