Evergreen Taiwan reefer container shipping

Taiwanese international shipping company, Evergreen Marine has purchased 1,800 Star Cool reefers from Maersk Container Industry (MCI), scheduled for delivery during the second quarter of 2020.

Prior to placing the order, Evergreen spent most of 2019 running live trials across their global network involving all relevant reefer machines, including Star Cool.

They subsequently conducted a comprehensive evaluation, which included not just the performance of the individual reefers but also aspects such as cargo care and service support.

Among other things, the results of these extensive tests confirmed that Star Cool achieved the lowest energy consumption, the fastest temperature pulldown and seamless customer service.

These and other important total cost of ownership parameters resulted in Evergreen placing its first Star Cool order and entering into a long-term relationship with MCI.

Evergreen said its customers were at the core of decision making and this purchase would help the company provide the reliable service it is known for.

“Evergreen has spent over 50 years building a comprehensive shipping network that meets the needs of our customers, which has helped us achieve the scale of business we have today,” the company said.

“When we began the process of selecting a new brand for our reefer fleet, we were looking for the ability to offer our customers the most reliable service as well as the documented lowest carbon footprint, which made Star Cool a clear choice.”

Soren Leth Johannsen, chief commercial officer of Maersk Container Industry, was excited by the new partnership.

“At MCI, we are all very proud to have earned the trust of Evergreen in adding Star Cool to their global reefer operations, particularly after such an impressively rigid testing and selection process. Over the coming decade, my colleagues and I look forward to continuing to develop our collaboration with Evergreen,” Johannsen said.