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Australia will try to mimic the quality and flavour of Japanese melons using a local variety

Producing luxury fruits for export will be the focus of a project bringing together the Japanese and Australian governments. During a summit in November 2018, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and Australian prime minister Scott Morrison agreed to produce a cooperative structure for the fruit supply project.

The fruit, which will initially be grown in Australia’s north-eastern town of Ayr, will be produced using Japanese growing techniques in Australia’s summer months (Japan’s winter).

Each country will contribute farmland, personnel and technology, reported Nikkei Asian Review in order to create the unique structure.

In Ayr, the beginning of the project will see melons grown using Japanese farming techniques on an Australian melon variety, led by farmers sent from Japan to train Australian growers. The aim is to achieve high quality fruit with the required Brix levels.

Because of the minor time difference farmers in each region can monitor production via video link and offer instructions to staff onsite.

Other farms will subsequently be set up in the region surrounding Ayr producing persimmons and strawberries, with a view to exporting these goods to high-value Asian markets.

The two countries are hoping to tap into a growing culture of gifting fruit in Asian nations which runs alongside the continent’s bourgeoning middle class.

Australia has located its production region specifically by the town of Ayr in hopes of boosting economic development in the sparsely populated area.